01 March 2006

Memoirs of a Vida Diva...

No matter how much I may not always be completely thrilled to walk into work - it's utterly impossible to go five minutes without smiling or laughing in the company of this Long Island lady who joined us at Vida last November. She has a ready smile, an infectious laugh and can completely disarm the most "high maintenance" client who might walk through our door.

Along with Vanessa and my wonderful, desperately brilliant and beautiful daughter Katie, makes up one of the best parts of my day. As long as there is peroxide and several shades of Wella color at the ready, these "Vida Divas" have got it going on - in spades.

I never fancied myself the "administrator" of a salon and I'm still learning mostly by trial and error, sometimes it strikes me as incredible that I get to share many hours of my days with women who shoot holes through the myth that blonds are of very little brain.

I never realized just how much artistry and creativity and sheer chemistry goes into practicing the fine art of hair taming, but let me tell you, these are highly trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Without fail they go way beyond what the job description demands and if they were paid what they were worth, the rest of us lesser mortals could not afford their time and attention. They don't come cheap, but as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for and these divas deliver! Some of the best looking heads in Wilmington are coiffed to perfection and no one is allowed out of their chair, until every hair has been scrutinized and passed their seasoned and well trained eye.

In a strange sort of way, this job kind of fell out of nowhere. I'm so glad I landed among people who were destined to become close friends. I am grateful to know each of them, though I have a special affection for Vanessa and, of course, Katie. The one thing I know for certain each morning, is that there will be lots of opportunities to learn and to laugh. To get a paycheck with those caveats is a beautiful thing indeed. Thanks ladies, for making my life so darn much fun.