15 April 2008

Bar (N)one - Hillary Rises To A New Low

Hey Hillary - the regular people just called. Sorry hon, you didn't make the cut, but not for a lack of giving it a sporting, college try. But it's not all bad news - you're still a top contender for the Darwin Awards. Keep your chin up and keep chugging.

Hillary Clinton likes to play games. This past Saturday Night, she played the ever popular "I'm a 'regular person'" primary game, with a bunch of guys at a bar in Indiana". She gave a vivid depiction of a desperate adult caving into peer pressure, not wanting to disappoint the folks gathered round her, chanting in unison, "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary", in typical "Animal House" style.

There was, of course, a positive in all this. Upon closer inspection of the photo, it appears Ms. Clinton is wearing an American Flag lapel pin, so now we know something more about her than we did prior to this alcathon: Even when she's engaged in frivolous festivities, hanging out with the regular guys, she's patriotic about it and I don't know about you, but I believe this is cause for all of us to sleep a little better at night.

Kind of makes you extra proud to be an American doesn't it? Indeed.

I found myself embarrassed for her, which is a far cry from being inspired. There is nothing to admire. There is also no excuse.

She really should know better. She had it all wrong. Most "regular people" don't behave as she did on any given Saturday Night. I bet with a little cajoling by the crowd, they could have easily enticed her into popping off her pantsuit, which might have earned her footage on the next series of "Girls Gone Wild" videos (or would it be "Old Women Gone Ornery", given the AARP affiliation?)

Thankfully, that didn't happen. However, I would wager that if an uncommitted superdelegate had teased her to go topless, that blazer would have been history faster than any of us could say, "I can't drink you pretty".

I fear for West Virginia and North Carolina when she "hits" those states. There are active "white lightning" stills in them thar mountains and goodness knows they love their guns...I can just picture her kicking back with moonshine and trading Bosnian war stories, sitting with the boys on the bank up some creek without a paddle.

Does anyone know where the fat lady lives? It's long past time for her aria.

Hillary, there is no inspiration to be found in your newly debuted barroom broad fantasy. You laid yourself out as a glowing example of a very cheap one. You must be so proud, you regular person you.

I mean, we just don't have enough high-profile politicians willing to take the time on a Saturday Night in order to show us "regular people" how to do shots and behave like an ass, do we? There's nothing like a public display of someone folding to peer pressure.

Watching Hillary Clinton casually knock back a shot of whiskey followed by a beer chaser only confirmed for me what I always knew to be true: this woman would do anything to elicit a vote. I found her barroom behavior offensive, inappropriate and wildly undignified.

Hey, Hillary Clinton does shots, so it must be OK, right? Is this her answer to "anti-elitism"? And also, who picked up the tab? According to your recently released tax returns, you could more than afford it, but you probably wouldn't want to offend any of your new "regular people" homies. Best not to flaunt too much of that pocket change.

Wrong. Horribly wrong. Unconscionable. Despicable. Sick. Unfit for print and too pathetic for publication.

Ms. Clinton was not engaging in social drinking - she cranked it up a notch, as only she can. Ms. Clinton was "social-binging". Way to go, Hillary. What a fine example you set for every young person unfortunate enough to have caught a glimpse of your Saturday Night antics when you bellied up to the bar.

Hillary has transformed herself from the subject of a "Saturday Night Live" skit, into a real-time, real-person joke. Only she's not very funny. Just mostly pathetic with an extra dollop of offensive for good measure.

I guess anything goes and quite frankly, I wish she would. Go. Like yesterday.

Check out this article on the Huffington Post. I was pleased to find that I wasn't the only person disgusted by Ms. Clinton's inexcusable behavior The Huffington Post - "Clinton Downs a Beer and a Bump To Impress the Cool Kids and This Dad's Not OK With That".

Just when I'm sure it's impossible to think less of this woman, she goes and does something that, quite literally in this case, lowers the bar. This time, she managed to do it IN the bar. I hope the phone in whatever room she spent Saturday Night recovering in didn't ring at 3:00 AM because I can't imagine her head was in a very clear place. As for Ms. Clinton possessing anything resembling a social conscience, I can only surmise it must have bolted long before she bellied up to that bar.

Hillary Clinton gives "regular people" a bad name.