03 October 2006

Get a life. Get a grip. Get away somewhere, take a trip...

Take a break, take control, take advice from someone you know... ~ Shania Twain

My desk is a study in chaos. My desk is ALWAYS a study in chaos but right now it's more so than usual. Time is flying by and the days are ticking off the calendar and soon it will be time to head north - and I am completely excited, but overwhelmed with everything I have to finish in preparation for this trip! But don't worry, I really do have a plan.

I'll play a few games of Sudoku, drink some coffee, drink some tea, definitely get my nails done, restring my guitar, go see a movie this weekend, probably write a little, take some pictures, take some time to check out the full moon this weekend...maybe even howl, and then, I'll definitely think about getting things together. Everything in due time...

I'll just wait until the last possible minute. It's what I do best.

I have so many things unfinished, and a few "to do's" not only "undone", but not even on the list yet! All kinds of loose ends, but as the days count down, I'm sure it will all kick in and hopefully at some point, I might even know what I'm doing.

My day-timer is filling up faster than I can type (and I can type pretty fast!), but at the top of my list, the thing I'm looking forward to most, is to spend some real time with my daughter, enjoy tagging along while she plays tourguide for Michel, and just hang out with her - soak up being in her presence, and listen to her opine about a wide variety of topics, as only Katie can. We might have to make some sweet iced tea. I don't think she's yet found a good source for it in the "most exciting city in the world!".

I'm looking forward to meeting some very interesting folks in the communications business, and hooking back up with a fine editor who's been kind enough to send me two fantastic assignments. I know that my friend, Michel, will find it interesting to sit in on these meetings and lunch, and I will be most proud to introduce him to some special people with their finger on the pulse of communications in both print and broadcasting. What I know for certain, is that I will NOT be bored.

And OH MY GOSH - the 17th October issue of PC Magazine will be on the newsstands in just a few days. I can't wait for that one! I've definitely got to take some photos of a few newsstands in New York City! I'm so easily impressed...

In calling around to various hotels around midtown Manhattan, it would seem that there will be a toy convention going on during the same period of time that we are scheduled to be up there. Which accounts for nearly every "reasonably" priced hotel being booked solid, leaving only the unreasonably priced hotels with offering a vacancy. I wonder if they planned it that way?

Oh well, I can't be bothered with that. In less than two weeks, I'll be reconnecting with an old friend from France, meeting a gentleman who has just recently launched a business venture that involves both blogging and broadcasting which seems poised to take on the "blogosphere", eating lunch with a favorite editor, sharing a lively dinner with friends, both old and new, meeting up for breakfast with an artist who has become a new buddy and, best of all, reconnecting and getting the chance to catch up with my best (and only) daughter - and I can't express how happy that makes me...most of all. I need a Katie fix in the worst kind of way. I haven't even seen her since she turned the ancient age of 23!

So today, in addition to working about ten hours downtown, taking a walk in the slightly cooler fall air and warm sunshine casting a special glow on downtown Wilmington (it's all about chasing the right light, isn't it Guy?), and trying to talk anyone who will listen into lunch at Roudabush, I need to pin down my hotel and airline reservations. I'm not allowed to go to sleep until I have taken care of that business. I've been warned!

I'm still wondering when fall suddenly fell, and continue to be so grateful for all of the blessings and opportunities that each day offers and those offers continue to tumble in and amaze me. And a very special thank you to my newly-hitched best buddy and top-notch attorney who has eliminated any separation anxiety and illuminated the new path set before me. Little did I realize when I met him three years ago that this man would play such a pivotal role in my future. Thank you for being my friend.

How in the heck did so much change between May 17th and October 17th? I still look at that span of time and think..."WOW!". I never thought I had it in me, but I am so thankful that I did, though I must acknowledge the love and support of angels appearing from places I would never have guessed. And, in yet another example of parental prescience, I remember with clarity what my very wise parents said when I told them that I believed I needed to prune a new branch from the family tree. "What took you so long to figure that one out?", they asked. Now I see that's a really good question! What took me so long, indeed. I'm not always as smart as many people give me credit for, but I eventually get to the place I need to be.

Fire up that tea-pot Miss Katie Jane...I can't wait to see your smiling face and hear your latest rants on anything and everything. Honey, don't hold back.

My gosh, when did I start listening to Shania Twain? Should I be worried?