30 December 2007

All I Wanted For Christmas...

...was gathered in the family room of my home Christmas Morning and they came with names: Granny, Pops, Katie and Justin. If the names look familiar, that's only because they happen to be the monikers by which my parents, daughter and son are known by.

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We were joined throughout the week with warm visits from friends. Another year around the Christmas tree, healthy, happy and just as crazy as we ever were. Who needs anything more? I can't imagine.

John joined us Friday Afternoon and we very much loved having him with us for a couple of days. He shared his holiday with his lovely mother, Nina, who lives in Cary. Last night, Katie, Justin, John, Stephanie and I had a late dinner at Henry's. I looked around the table at my 24 year old daughter and my 21 year old son and I felt so completely blessed to be sharing dinner with them and each minute in their company this past week has been a keen reminder of how very much I love them both.

John and Katie left around 10:15 this morning, headed for Cary where they will turn in the car they borrowed from John's brother, and head for the airport and then onto their home in Manhattan. I am understandably sad to see them leave, and I started missing Katie long before she left this morning, but she's happy and it shows. We're very pleased to see her enjoying her life, even if it means she goes about living her life up North.

I have so many happy memories of Christmases when the kids were really kids, but I find I'm making new ones in spite of the fact their just a tad bit older. The smiles, the laughter, the teasing and giggles that have wafted throughout the house this past week, are precious and they reverberate long after everyone has scattered again, as everyone eventually must. I am so grateful for this past week which held more joy than I could possibly ever begin to merit. I am so thankful to God for assigning me the specific individuals who make my life so incredibly rich.

We ranged in age from 21 to 84, but I think each of us would state categorically that this was easily one of our best Christmases because we had the good sense to know how exquisite it is to share time together. My mind is, in fact, rather like a "Flickr Badge" with revolving memories from this past week, most of which were not captured by the camera but exposed to my heart. I'll keep those images there and each time I revisit them, I'll be reminded of just how sweet life truly is.

More later...