12 December 2006

Wilmington-Star News...

The article came out and, I have to say with no small measure of relief, Ms. Amy Hotz got it right. She most certainly respected the guidelines I requested and, in the process, earned a huge measure of respect (and relief!) from me.

a virtual recovery

By Amy Hotz
By Amy Hotz,

Susie Parker didn't think she showed any of the stereotypical symptoms of an alcoholic.

There was no alcohol in her house. There was no history of alcoholism in her family. She grew up a "good Baptist girl." She didn't take her first drink until she was 23, and when she did finally drink, it was almost always good wine, not cheap beer or hard liquors.

All that didn't matter, though, on the night she woke up to the sound of a policeman tapping on her car window. The officer found her passed out over the steering wheel in a grocery store parking lot. She didn't remember driving there or how she got a white streak running down the side of her car.

Later she would discover the streak came from hitting a mailbox.

"I was scared, but I was relieved," she said. "Every day I thank God it was a mailbox."

You can read the rest of it here: Virtual Recovery