25 March 2007

More to love in NYC!!

My friend Glen, who is a native NY'er but a nice guy anyway - it's not like he can help where he was hatched - sent me this link today. He suggested I check it out.

I want to see this! Soon! Looks great and I loved the interview with the writers and their concept sounds wonderful. I hope I get back to NYC before this play is finished. I hope it's well-received if it's as good as it sounds and, most of all, I hope that it gives people a sense of what "The Program" is all about. With so many celebrities racking up DUI's left and right - I think more needs to be said about AA.

My only exposure to the program was in the form of a man who claimed to be a 13 year member but who basically had all of the active attributes of an alcoholic - without the alcohol. He might have been easier to be around had he actually popped a cold one. At the time I met him, I was three years away from finding the program myself, but if I had based my first impression on this guy from Virginia, I don't think I would have felt too hopeful. Fortunately, the good far outweighed the bad and most people don't behave in such an appalling and unseemly manner. I probably wouldn't have visited another meeting if that had been the case.

But back to the point - I'm glad to see a dialogue, a play, books, open discussions, interviews and, hopefully more books on the subject. The disease is still active and running rampant and it's not going to go away. I hope that this play opening signals a trend and proves to be a turning point. We need to talk about this stuff. There is no rug large enough to sweep these issues under and there's no reason to try and hide it.


Thanks, Glen for the link.

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An Interview with the Authors

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