08 February 2007

A minor interruption...

We had a small interruption today. Around noon, a very handsome, buff fireman popped his head into the salon and told us we would have to leave. Apparently there was a gas main break on Princess Street and we were encouraged to leave immediately, if not sooner.

Hey, it was sunny, a little brisk, but the streets were teeming with all manner of incredibly nice looking law enforcement and public safety types. Not only was it sunny, but the scenery was very easy on the eyes. :-) They didn't need to ask me twice!

As luck would have it, my good friend, next-door neighbor and former drinking buddy, Kathleen (who sent me over the DELICIOUS chocolate birthday cake earlier this week - I think she's trying to make me gain weight), was due in for a noon appointment. Soon, my cell phone began ringing and it was Kathleen wanting to know what was going on downtown! A lesser and more boring friend, would probably have said, "Well, I'll just go back home and get out of this chaos. Let me know when you can reschedule my appointment.", but Kathleen is neither lesser OR boring. She parked her car in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation, walked across the street, and joined us by rating the passersby - shamelessly flirting. Time spent with Kathleen most always means some sort of fun will take place. It's pretty much guaranteed.

All too soon, we were given the official "OK" to return to our businesses. I guess it all got fixed, but as soon as we returned to Vida, yet another buff fireman walked in to make sure that all was well. We tried to convince him otherwise, but I think he was on to our little game.

Anyway, it broke up the routine and I'm all for that. Routines are so over-rated and I tend to get bored so easy. I had a great time!

We finished up the disruption in our routine by heading over to the Chinese restaurant on Front Street and the place was packed, though we did manage to score a table. Vanessa astutely pointed out that the gentleman dining next to us was none other than Wilmington Mayor, Bill Saffo. Vanessa also observed that he either didn't care for the food or he wasn't much of an eater as she noted that he didn't touch his plate for most of the time we were there. Oddly enough, I thought the food was unusually tasty today. I'm not really big on Chinese buffets, but today's was actually enticing. I've had better, but I've definitely sat down to worse.

In an unusual move, I didn't request one of the obscene fortune cookies. I took the high road and grabbed two of the regular ones. I still have the fortune from a meal I had there last fall. I keep it on my keyboard because I loved the prediction: "When winter comes heaven will rain success on you.".

There's about a month and a half of winter left. It's time to get busy. :-)

I'll keep you posted.