14 August 2007

Post Crash Update and Shout-Outs...

[To read about the actual car crash - click here: Crash Test, Dummy]

The ER Experts got it wrong. They said the really "painful" day would be the third one (Sunday), but I didn't find that to be the case. Yesterday was when the pain came a-knocking! I guess my neck and back got knocked around when that airbag slammed me in the face! Yesterday I found myself moving around like a really old woman! My own mother is 83 and she was whizzing around this place with far more ease than I felt! Hopefully today I'll start to see some much anticipated improvement and my body will begin to feel "more normal" and my "normal" feels much better than 47, but right now, I'd settle for feeling my age!

I did catch up on my sleep yesterday. Maybe it was the flexeril or perhaps I was just finally exhausted enough, but I slept through several June Allyson movies, who was the featured actress on TCM. Even perky June Allyson flicks couldn't keep me from catching a lot of Zzzzzzz's, and three of them featured Jimmy Stewart so, there you go, you KNOW I had to be feeling poorly to miss the chance to see him.

But what I need, is to say how much it meant to me to hear from my friends and readers. I want to thank everyone who checked in via phone, e-mail and text messages!! (When you're lying in bed reliving a head-on collision - you get excited when something diverts your attention and you get messages from the outside world!) A special thank you to my daughter Katie, who called from NYC and even surreptitiously called my parents to make sure I really was telling her the truth, and that I wasn't seriously injured. And to Amy, Jim (in Amarillo), David, Bobby, Kathleen, Glen, Sharon, Ali, Verd (on the edge of corn), Nic, David C., Shane, Billie, Michel, Bruce, Jimi and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, thank you so much for your good wishes and concern and sweet notes and voice mails and funny texts! I really needed some cheering up yesterday because I think it all just sort of took that long to sink in and hit me! My son Justin even brought me another large iced tea and chicken wings!

I've also discovered that chocolate seems to have curative powers or maybe I just feel unapologetically entitled to eat more of it than usual. No, I'm sure that there's a therapeutic effect to eating deep, dark, dangerously decadent chocolate and if there's not, it must have some kind of mood elevator because I always feel happier after a few hits of it! I wonder if I could get a doctor to write a script for more chocolate? And ice cream - or does that only work for tonsils? No wait, ice cream has to be good for you, it's loaded with calcium and I think we can all agree you need that for strong bones, right? Well, my bones need a nice pat on the marrow for not breaking, so I'm going to treat them today. But I'm only eating the ice cream as a calcium-delivery system. I'm sure I won't enjoy it. :-) I'll just have to force myself to "take my medicine". It's not easy being in my "condition".

I hated spending most of the day in bed yesterday, but I honestly couldn't move enough to do anything about it! Of course, my parents were their usual attentive selves and at the ready if I needed anything. Mostly what I needed was just plain sleep, I think, and from the feel of it, I might catch a few more hours of it today. I HATE sleeping away a day in hot, summery August, but maybe my body's got a point and I need to finish reading a couple of books I'm knee deep in anyway. I spoke with a friend last night, during one of my more lucid intervals, and he worked hard to erase any guilt I might be feeling for spending the day in bed and suggested I do the same today. I love it when people give me advice that I want to hear!

It was interesting to note that some of you shared with me that I popped in your mind on Friday - kind of out of the blue - I wonder if there is some telepathic connection? People have popped in my mind before on days when something out of the ordinary happened to them. I wonder what the source of such thoughts is? Is there a connection? Can we feel when someone we know is in the middle of a strange and/or dangerous experience or they are facing a challenge?

Thanks again, my friends, and feel free to send up a few prayers - they are much appreciated and I don't think you can ever have too many of them. Stay in touch because it's boring being homebound like this! Hopefully I'll be out and about sooner rather than later and it will be nice to get out of pajamas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and I'm looking forward to feeling my normal (whatever that is), abnormal self! Be careful out there if you're driving...and watch those traffic lights - some people just don't see them! I wouldn't wish these past few days, particularly yesterday, even on an oral surgeon!

Stay in touch - it means the world to me. Send me some news from the outside world! Make it up if you have to - I really won't know the difference!