12 October 2006

PC Magazine Hits The Stands...Again

New News!!

It's going to be even more fun being in NYC and having the story I wrote, brilliantly titled by my editor, "The 12-Click Program", on a newsstand in Manhattan. I was really pleased with how the the final product turned out, except for one thing - I'm not an "AA Grad" - because as any self-respecting person in recovery knows, and as we've all seen by the recent relapses of Mel Gibson and Robin Williams, no one ever "graduates" from this addiction. We stay sober, just as we have learned to live, one day at a time. There is no cure, there is a daily reprieve and for that, I am most grateful. Everyday since I began my recovery journey, even the most challenging and frustrating days that occasionally visit, without exception or question, are far better and more pleasant than any day "pre-recovery". I feel blessed. Life is absolutely wonderful.

In the meantime, what I thought was a tooth waiting for a root canal turned out to be an inflamed maxillary sinus that nearly sent me through the roof and had me running to my favorite doctor, emerging with a definitive diagnosis and a handful of prescriptions. Ahhhh...relief. I really didn't want to find myself waiting tensely in the waiting room of the endodontist who left more than a bad taste in my mouth a few years ago. I'll take a sinus problem any day...as long as surgery isn't involved.

Thanks to a wonderful delivery man/freelance photographer/jeweler/restaurant critic par excellence "guy" I know, I discovered that I like the combination of Vietnamese cuisine with a French twist. The jasmine tea was an unexpected but sweet bonus. Thank you - and if you're the "guy" reading this, you know which "Guy" I'm talking about. You rock...in more ways than one.

Vanessa and I had a field trip this past Monday - some friends get together to do lunch, shop or exercise. Vanessa and me? We go to the radiologist together! That Vanessa sure does know how to spend a day off. Vanessa, I love you for making me do something I really didn't want to do, but needed to take care of. You are the finest kind of friend, even if you are sometimes a pain in the... Like I said, I love you woman, but could you try not to enjoy it so much when you put me in a situation or setting which I'd just rather not be participating in? Huh?

Vanessa is an up-and-coming radio star. If you're local, listen to the radio soon and you will hear this dynamo extol the virtues of extensions.

More later...

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