05 February 2005

You gotta ask yourself, are you "Pink Bracelet Worthy" and A Burning Question With Regard to "Oh Canada!"

Being a writer, I guess you could say I'm a little on the curious side. Recently, I asked someone in the great far North a simple question and I got a threat in return! Perhaps, if I ask this simple question in a more public forum, I might get an actual, you know, answer. I have been advised that in the part of the world known as "Oh Canada!", this is "National Why Don't We Live In Florida" Month. I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami and it's true, I remember the influx of snow birds and I made some pretty cool friends because they were observing this important period of their calendar. OK, so I did see a few Canadians in undersized Speedos and thongs but never anything that resembled the WWII Normandy Beach Landing...not at all. Canadians rock and who among us south of the border, isn't a sucker for the accent, eh?

Well, I USED to think they were an ultra cool lot, until I asked a certain Canadian who lives in an area that I believe is somewhere between Winnipeg (what a cute name!) and the North Pole. This person even has a website and if you're extra curious, and you really should do yourself and check out this site;CaringBridge.org - julianna. Having said that, being the professional writer and adult that I am (I can hear the laughter - don't think I can't - I know who you are...), I will not name any names, I'll simply restate the question that has YET to be answered...


I kind of need to know. Anyone having any information on this question, I would be profoundly grateful if s/he would E-mail and let me in on what I'm starting to wonder is a state secret.

If you do visit Miss Julianna's site, you might want to consider induction into the ultra-exclusive "SPWUBBA WUBBA" AKA Secret Society of Pink Wish Bracelet Wearers, pronounced "spwubba-wubba". There's even a secret handshake, but I can't go any further and I've probably said too much as it is...putting my precious membership in jeopardy.

I don't mean to brag, but I was inducted into this super cool club in August 2004 (it's on my resume). Of course, this includes a formal portrait to be taken, which will be posted on "The Banana Bracelet Pink Wall of Fame" which can be accessed here, Julianna Banana, and let me tell you, I'm not the ONLY celebrity on that wall of fame. A few lesser knowns include Hilary Duff, the "Trading Spaces Gang" including "Designer Doug", Paige, Ty (who I really WISH would redo my house - talk about a challenging project...The fact that he's not called only reconfirms for me that there are some things even the "Trading Spaces" folks are afraid to tackle - what a bunch of lightweights...(I'm not so subtly laying down the gauntlet), and oh yeah...oh, oh, yeah...I have to agree with Julianna Banana's Mom on the wonder that is "Carpenter Carter". If you check out the page, you will also see William, who is the voice of "Bob the Builder" sports his own pink wish bracelet, and those are only a FEW of the glitterati set up for your viewing pleasure.

And folks, there's absolutely no catch. All you have to do is send a SASE

Obviously the vetting process can't be too stringent - After all, they let me in.

I just keep hoping that someone will answer my question. I love to travel and I'd love to see Canada on the day they call summer...any information would be most appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Generally it's Tuesday, often a Tuesday in July. However, it does tend to move around a little so you might wish to pack up your wool leggings, heavy parka, moon boots, mittens and cap and visit for a week in July hoping, just hoping beyond hope, to hit the day. Does this help?