07 June 2007

Home is the sailor...

Home is the sailor, home from sea:

Her far-borne canvas furled

The ship pours shining on the quay

The plunder of the world. ~ A. E. Housman

Now don't be silly - I know I'm not a "real" sailor, but I did, in fact, just return from a ten-day sailing adventure that literally and figuratively rocked my world. I got a real taste of adventure - Abacos-style! But that doesn't really qualify me as a "sailor" although, as my Dad rightly points out, I am the daughter of a US Navy Sailor and darn proud of it!


Shane said...

Loved the pictures and can't wait to hear more about your adventure!

Anonymous said...

Oh Susie! Susie, Susie! :O)
Your joystifications are palpable! It's
amazing. What a delightful read; you
had me smiling broadly all the way
through "The Mike and Susie Show".
(See? I'm grinning from ear to ear!!)
Your Mike is a remarkable man in many
respects and it wasn't difficult at all
for me to see, from reading/hearing him
why you were totally smitten with him
from the get-go. What a splendid
adventure and a wonderful proving ground
that this trip has had for both of you.
He cuts a Byronesque figure alright.
Once you've tasted heaven how will you
possibly anchor yourself to something
as prosaic as terra firma? I'm ridiculously ecstatic for you, Susie.
Now I'm going over to see The Man and
what he has to say. Hopefully, I'll be
able to listen to him sing the song
he wrote for you. I'm already writing
a song in my head for you Susie. LOL
Welcome back! Do drop me a line...