19 August 2008

Playing For Keeps

For several months, I have been getting "Hallmark Magazine" in the mail and I have no idea why. I've never subscribed to it, and don't know how I managed to get on their subscription list because, well, I'm just not really a "Hallmark" girl. I guess in my mind I equated it with a brand of domesticity I've never really had a yen for.

Leave it to my mother. She called me over to look at something and when I saw what she was holding, that silly magazine, I thought..."what in the world would be of interest for me in there?". I mean, I'm much more likely to have my nose stuck in "Cruising World" or "Latitudes and Attitudes" but that "homemaker magazine" has something I might find interesting?

She knows her daughter well. Here's what she shared with me...

I have tons of Lincoln Logs. Pieces left over from many sets of "Monopoly", "Sorry", checkers and backgammon stones and even an old backgammon board that's beautiful, one that Justin used to carry around as a brief case - the one his Dad bought me when we were dating. Now I discover that I can make art of these "treasures". Yes! Oh what I'd give for an old tin Chinese Checker board. Oh well, my imagination is running full-throttle. How cool to have a few of the things my kids' toys hanging on the wall in a rather eye-catching way. What fun!

This should keep me out of trouble until my ship comes in, right? :-)

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Shane H. said...

What a great idea. Can't wait to see what you come up with!